It is becoming if not already rooted, that one connected with the powers that be in the different spheres of the society, determines how successful he/she will become. This lifestyle is in the political and religious systems in our dear nation Nigeria. Christ during his stay on earth was never clouded by his likeness for James and John in his appointment of Peter as the head of the Apostles. Based on this, one would expect every Christian to follow suit with Christ. But so sympathetic, this is scarcely the case. Appointing one who is close to you, to a position he/she is qualified to hold is tolerable, but doing so to somebody who is not qualified should be discouraged.

The case of the Church and Society

In 2012 two priest from the same dioceses but in different departments (one from the moral department and another from the communications department) had graduated. On getting back to their dioceses, the one of moral theology was made the director of communication by the bishop, while his counterpart of the communications departments was posted to a parish. However, the affairs of communication in that diocese have been dominant. This is least of the numerous cases of undue appointments going on in the Church and society. In the corporate world, most of those in leadership overlook merit, to offer employment to their preferred candidates. So unfortunate that those affected do little to speak against such malpractice for fear of being victimized.

Understanding of appointment by merit

Appointing a person by merit and qualification focuses on a dual (two) sides, of first, relational qualities required of the position and then the academic qualities required of the position. The relational qualities is about the nature given ability of the persons to be in affiliation with the office ordinarily. This help to sustain the practical ability of the person. For instance, a priest who is very quiet in nature is likely not be make a good communications director of the diocese, because his office demands constant reaching out. The academic qualities concerns the acquired skill for effective professionalism. Thus, the person should be equipped through scientific learning process, needed for the smooth functioning of any given profession or vocation. For instance a seminarian must undergo philosophy and theological studies before becoming a priest. This is to equip the candidate with the technique ability of learning to widen his knowledge about God, and the world. Every particular appointments in the church and society should have human and faith improvement as its respective focus. Therefore, the person considered should be directly or indirectly analyzed critically to know how his/her current lifestyle can bring about faith and human development in the respective positions. Even if the considered person is the choice candidate of the superiors, it is acceptable that the connected candidate be trained to be qualified either in the appointment or most preferably before the appointment, failure to do so very risky.


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